Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Basketball #KMM

Alhamdulillah almost 2 and half week i'm here at KMM. It was okay. Okay. Haha. Thank God everything went so well. The lecture hall was not so big as i expected. So, ofc there are extra curicullar activities and my class was been given sports not club or uniform bodies. Thank god because we got sport but tettttt we got ping pong as our sport :( what to do. We must follow what had been given to us. After all, it was just going to be play and study during our 2 hour period cocurriculum activity every week 😃

Like the past years we had HKSBP since i was in Fully Residential School. Duhhhh and now i'm in matriculation college and we have KAKOM. It is similar to HKSBP but with more games. Athletics, volleyball and so many more, you name it but i don't think we have debate here. Hehe. So ofc i participate in basketball game inshaAllah. I gave my name to the team but only God knows i got in or not. Pray for me. Aminnnn. 

Oh the lecturers here are great and somehow look so young. Hehe ✌ 

Okay i'm done. Assalammualaikum 😘