Monday, April 19, 2010


today dinner dgn semua kat kopitiam sedap tp tak de mood because i'm going back jb tomorrow.sedih oh.this is the picture.

tu je tak banyak pun.hahaha:D

ok byee blog off to fatimah.

this is sad:(make me feels homesick so bad.

tun fatimah's

don't ask why i have this thing. this is very useful for me until the semester is. and it will be my part time bestfriend.i bought this thingy only rm90. and i kind of liking it.hahaha:D
and hello Tun Fatimah

ok don't ask what is this for. i got it for rm90.hahaha.and i kind of lovin it. so it will be my part time best friend for 24/7 until next break.say hello to this new thingy :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

gambar sekadar hiasan

sorry guys i'm lost



semalam pergi jalan2, pg2 bgn awal pergi bowling until 1pm.after that pergi alamanda until kedai tutup. hahaha:D . and pg td at 7 pergi mcdonald breakfast. muke mmg selenge nak mampus. hahaha. thank you lah sekolah bg cuti sampai esok.thank you tun fatimah :)

i miss them already :)