Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Another phase of life. A new place. Starting a new fresh start. InshaaAllah. My first very offer to uni life is from Kolej Matrikulasi Melaka. I was so relieve and thankful to this oppurtunity. Didn't plan to really coming here. So, after the upu result is out, alhamdulillah i got a place in Uni Msia Pahang diploma in civil engineering. Eventually i don't really want to do civil and unfortunately that was my last choice. Last choice ofc it was the least interest that i put and i just din't want to go there and further my life thereand doing civil. Haha. Civil engineering?! So after a many times of talking and thinking session with mama and others, i chose matriculation as my next step of life to uni. 

So my i registered at matriculation on 27th of may. It was hectic and the traffic was so so. And the first person i searched was anis. Omg. Only God knows how i need my friends at that moment. After so many things had happenned to me before my journey to KMM. Okay wtv. 

Now, i'm here. Done my 4 days of orientation. Haha. Iykwim. Sabar je lahhhh. Tomorrow 3/6 is the first day of my class. I'm so nervous ofc. I'm taking module 1. Which is consist physic, chemistry, biology, and maths. Please pray for me :) 4.0 inshaaAllah amin.