Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Good read #1

Tak percaya. Cried reading this book ( Seksi Ovari, Fazleena Hishamuddin ) How much it can relate me in every way, in every little things happened to me lately. Thank you to that person who made me feel unwanted and lost myself inside me. Cause all i want is just to be true and right for myself and maybe you?
It had been a hella of 10 months in Melaka. Taught me a lot in every each corner of life and everything. ' bumi tarbiyah ' and now it all end. Yep more challenging out here, i must say. Strong is all you need to be. Be you and explore more!  

Its okay Dyana, dunia luar tu banyak lg kau tak explore. 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

All i ever did was burden to people around me
Being a burden to everyone especially the loves one
Set me free. Let me learn bit by bit of life
That not all may understand
I want - Happiness. Pure happiness
Doesn't have to be luxury and so
Just all my loves one in one roof together smiling and laughter fills
May He fill mine with much love 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

What we see

What people see? In you or on things that you do? Severals of them sometimes are quite true if they do not judge or so ever. Positive thoughts towards people are more than enough. Just ignore the bad ones and keep going with our life cause what other people thinks are just opinion base on what they see and their experience. All human are not the same, doesn't have the same attitude and the list can go on. When you know people are looking and just wanted to know more about you, they'll do anything just want to fill that dying-to-know feeling. I can't tell much cause i'm also the one who are in the society today and doing the same thing ( observer )
Just having that one goal in your life and prioritise it everything will be just fine, inshaAllah :) Put up your target to Him, He'll surely guide you there. 

Amin ya rabb  

Sunday, September 1, 2013


Pasrah dan redha
Perlu tu. Tak payah nak terhegeh hegeh. 
Kejar yg tak perlu dan bukan untuk kita. 
Buat apa susah susah?
Mungkin ini bukan untuk aku. 
Aku perlu usaha lebih kuat lagi. 

(( Kau kuat ke Dyana? ))

Kena kuat. Tak kira apa. 
Lalui ini dengan senyuman. 
Peh tak senang. 

Let it all go.
Let Him do his job and we just go with what we suppose to do. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Salam Ramadhan

Ramadhan is here. The 13th day already, ramadhan at a new place. With the new surrounding. Alhamdulillah all in all everything seems just fine. Syukur. People around are influencing me to be better in a way. Yes, it is a hell lot of different then my past ramadhan. This year is so so much more independent. Buy food for iftar by myself. Need to think what to eat, until i reach this one point that a sip of water just enough. Cause the foods here just ____ okay. Its not that it is lame or 'tak sedappp' its just emm i get bored with the food served here. Eventhough it is a cafe, cafe will be cafe. There's three cafe here in my college. Two for girls and one cafe for boys. It is not so clean, sorry have to mention it here though but the reality is it. Wtv it is, at the emd of the day, thank God for the food served, and my parents money so that i can buy food to eat here. So, be thankful in everything. Yet you think you have suffered much, there are more people out there had suffered more. الحمدلله