Saturday, January 18, 2014

What we see

What people see? In you or on things that you do? Severals of them sometimes are quite true if they do not judge or so ever. Positive thoughts towards people are more than enough. Just ignore the bad ones and keep going with our life cause what other people thinks are just opinion base on what they see and their experience. All human are not the same, doesn't have the same attitude and the list can go on. When you know people are looking and just wanted to know more about you, they'll do anything just want to fill that dying-to-know feeling. I can't tell much cause i'm also the one who are in the society today and doing the same thing ( observer )
Just having that one goal in your life and prioritise it everything will be just fine, inshaAllah :) Put up your target to Him, He'll surely guide you there. 

Amin ya rabb