Sunday, May 5, 2013


Assalammualaikum :)

Okay lama dah tak post. So bak kata org ramai dah berhabuk. Tak de lah habuk mana pun.

So Alhamdulillah 2013 has come to its mid year. So much had happenned.
What happenned first and foremost is PLKN. It was a hell of great experience. I learned a lot in every aspect of life. I got the chance to meet so many type of people. Alhamdulillah. I also learned a lot from them. Although it was a 10 weeks camp, but so much just so so many things i learned from them because i was from all girls school so mereka ni yg sekolah campur telah membuka mata saya. Hehe. Emmm also got the chance to be friend with a lot of boys and learn about the point of view in life from their eyes. Yep it was a great experience. The friendship was ________ I couldn't find any words to describe it eventhough it was just for 3 months. InshaaAllah till jannah k guys :) Gang surau? Hahaha. Okay dah.

After PLKN had ended on 16th March 2013, i was so relieved. Relieved as every single responsibilities that i had to carry had ended.

There i go, lifeless. I got no job. I did nothing. All i know is go out and have fun. That was bad. I wasted every second of it. Org kata rehat but nahhh it was such a waste. So i just follow the flow of life. Thats it. Lesen pun takde. Hmmmm

Now i just have to wait for a call or letter that might come to my door step calling me to study. Hehe. If there is any. If not KTJ it is. ( so not going to happen, i hope ) but i got matrikulasi in Melaka. Science stream, that is going to be super hard for me but makcu said you just have to go through it. Life cycle en. Nak jd geologist sgt, science lah kena belajar. Okay... Big chances i'll be going to matriks to save money but its going to be tough for me. So redha je. Harapan saya adalah saya mendapat upu mana mana yg ada kena mengena dgn bidang yg nak diambil kelak dan saya minat untuk belajar. Ini lah nasib badan Dyana yg tak berapa bagus keputusan SPM nya. InshaaAllah. Pray for me ;)