Wednesday, December 30, 2009

out out and away

i want to goo out. tk tahu pergi mana. jalan2 ke lepak2 ke asalkan keluar dr rumah and out with friends. boleh tak?? HAHA. mamaku sahaje yg tahu jawapannya. heh. harapan.

Friday, December 25, 2009

The Adventure In India

okay finally ada time nak cerita . okay i will less type and more picture . okay.
malas sebenarnya nak type.HAHA.

This is in some place in India called Goa.

than picture below is in place named Ooty .dia macam genting tp sejuk gila babeng.

okay tu je lah.india was fine. sama macam m'sia tp teruk sikit lah. kereta bnyk gila.

kalau korang nak tahu tgk movie slumdogg millionnaire lebih kurang macam tu la.


dyana Keling.


Take my breath as your own
Take my eyes to guide you home
Dyana Maidin

gila punya ym:)

[11:55] aryna teddy arina: ceh
[11:55] aryna teddy arina: bold da
[11:55] dyanamcd_mike: web tu mcm mana?
[11:55] aryna teddy arina: aku pn nak
[11:55] aryna teddy arina: HAHA
[11:55] aryna teddy arina: entah
[11:55] dyanamcd_mike: baru lah outstanding sikit.
[11:55] aryna teddy arina: dia bukak frm phne kot
[11:55] dyanamcd_mike: kau bold lah.
[11:55] aryna teddy arina: ok
[11:55] dyanamcd_mike: ohh.
[11:55] aryna teddy arina: hah
[11:55] aryna teddy arina: haha
[11:55] aryna teddy arina: jakun seh
[11:55] aryna teddy arina: HAHAHA
[11:55] dyanamcd_mike: okay kan lawa.
[11:55] aryna teddy arina: HAHAAHA
[11:55] aryna teddy arina: lawak gila

bodoh punya jakon.haha.
dyana and arinaTed
deskie 'wannabe'

Sofia Ihsan K

i know it hurts. but you must tough to get through all this okay. aku happy gila masa tu. kau tk pernah seHAPPY tu and i hate when that night you call me. and my heart was soo Fast. tk tahu dah nak describe macam mana. i really hope kau jangan down sangat. you can , but let it out before balik sekolah. start a new you. i mean Sofia yang dulu . yang hyper and asyik nak hug orang. kau T-O-U-G-H kan? macam yang kau pernah cakap kat aku dulu tu. masa aku down nangis cam siall. huh hate that old times. so kau kan Hebat. so show to people that this is your stage. GO Sofia Ihsan . i know you can.

sincerely and love;
Nordyana C.Maidin

Thursday, December 24, 2009

sejarah notes

Today i'm struggling to finish my history notes.
I hate doing it , but i have to ,

so off i goo. :)
gambar sekadar buat tengoktengok.
it is in india.btw

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

enough for midnight

hi guys nothing to talk , tp seriously i do miss school , HAHA , padahal tk suka ,
this holiday nothing much just went to india , hang with yasminRAWR ,
tu je kott , heh , i told you there is nothing special right ? miss all the friends ,
all right i think that's enough , bye :)

K's i don't go anywhere i just kind of shutting down tu je . okay?