Monday, February 6, 2012

Cameron Highland Trip 2011

I miss the cold freeze, sour strawberry and the place
and all together in one room

Its like a miracle, when you're thinking of someone and suddenly that person texted you

Btw that visualation thingy works for me if im not trying so hard :)


Tu lah haaa C.Maidin.
Untunglah anak maidin putih sikit dr abah dia. hahaha


As i passed by the chinese and indians they were chit chatting about things that ofcourse i dont understand, but last saturday i went to Alamanda i heard a family of indians talking and they were talking in malays so fluently. Im so proud an honoured hearing they indians were talking in malay.
'Kita main bowling je lah' 'Aku tak kisah main apa pun boleh'

And another scene just now i went to tesco and saw a chinese boy went to a shop to buy keropok lekor which was my favourite and im shock he was using his own pocket money to buy it. He is about i think around 11 years old or younger. The thing is i rarely, i think i never saw chinese eating keropok lekor. hehe that is why im so wow and excited.

bottom line, i just thought they we Malaysian are so so very unique in our own way.
I think i study history so deep that my 'semangat nationalisme' was over the top.
[kot] hehe.