Monday, July 22, 2013

Salam Ramadhan

Ramadhan is here. The 13th day already, ramadhan at a new place. With the new surrounding. Alhamdulillah all in all everything seems just fine. Syukur. People around are influencing me to be better in a way. Yes, it is a hell lot of different then my past ramadhan. This year is so so much more independent. Buy food for iftar by myself. Need to think what to eat, until i reach this one point that a sip of water just enough. Cause the foods here just ____ okay. Its not that it is lame or 'tak sedappp' its just emm i get bored with the food served here. Eventhough it is a cafe, cafe will be cafe. There's three cafe here in my college. Two for girls and one cafe for boys. It is not so clean, sorry have to mention it here though but the reality is it. Wtv it is, at the emd of the day, thank God for the food served, and my parents money so that i can buy food to eat here. So, be thankful in everything. Yet you think you have suffered much, there are more people out there had suffered more. الحمدلله