Thursday, July 4, 2013


 What i 'm trying to put up is all just only base on what i'm going through or my friend's. Wherever we are heading to, there will always be a chance. A chance that what more or less good things will happen to us. InshaAllah. When there is more than one chances that has given to us, somehow it will be a good thing but to choose one it is not easy. It will not be easy. Its just that chances are not easy to get nor hard to lose it. 

Its just now one of my friend are in dilemma to choose either to stay here in matriks or go for mara. My advise to her is just go for mara even she's going to learn architecture because her passion is on arts but her ambition is to be a doctor. I hope she will make a good decision here. So pray for my friend. #IlhamFarhana