Friday, December 7, 2012

write what the heart says


Assalammualaikum :) Hi. okay here it goes. 
It happened last year, i don't know how or when or what but the feelings came by *cheesy. 
okay then out of no where i didn't know him, and he didn't know me. 
We click.
 I seriously don't know how and coincidentedly we're in the same group, kind of. okay wtv it is. 
I don't know how, i like you. Yes, i like you. Like, like adore you type. Maybe. 
And now its already been 1 year and something.
Some of my friends always said that, absence make heart grow fonder.
I think it is true for me, maybe.
I don't know why, although you are with somebody else but..
I don't know.
Its you, i think.
I'm sorry if i ever did annoy you or anything.
I need to know what you say. 
Tu je.