Friday, December 25, 2009

Sofia Ihsan K

i know it hurts. but you must tough to get through all this okay. aku happy gila masa tu. kau tk pernah seHAPPY tu and i hate when that night you call me. and my heart was soo Fast. tk tahu dah nak describe macam mana. i really hope kau jangan down sangat. you can , but let it out before balik sekolah. start a new you. i mean Sofia yang dulu . yang hyper and asyik nak hug orang. kau T-O-U-G-H kan? macam yang kau pernah cakap kat aku dulu tu. masa aku down nangis cam siall. huh hate that old times. so kau kan Hebat. so show to people that this is your stage. GO Sofia Ihsan . i know you can.

sincerely and love;
Nordyana C.Maidin